The swimming pool is accessible from June to September.
Opening: 10:00 – Closing: 18:30


  1. Shower before entering the pool.
  2. Using headphones in the water.
  3. Use of slippers to access changing rooms or tub floor.

It is forbidden:

  1. Introduce foods in the pool area (you can consume in the outdoor area).
  2. Get into the tub with tanning and protective creams WITHOUT DRINKING.
  3. Diving.
  4. Play along the edge of the pool.
  5. Playing balls or other objects that may cause damage or disturbance to other guests.
  6. Make potentially dangerous jokes.
  7. Make screams and screams; Everyone is required to behave in such a way that it does not cause damage and disturbance to other guests.
  8. No water should be introduced: objects such as glasses, masks, fins, mouthpots, glasses and glass bottles.

Only allowed:

  1. Salvage and Arms.
  2. Plastic ears and eyelets.
  3. Headphones.
  4. Glasses and plastic bottles.

The pool has a depth of 1.40 meters. It is the responsibility of individual guests, as well as whether to use the pool. It is forbidden for children to enter the swimming pool without parents or swimmers who are capable of swimming.

For younger children there is an inflatable pool, also for this is required the compulsory and constant presence of the parent or adult companion, who supervises the child while in the pool. Very young children must wear a protective panties.

It is forbidden to enter the tub for persons with an altered psycho-physical condition (drunkenness, narcotics alteration, etc.) or even in obvious precarious health conditions, which pose a risk to the person’s safety.

When entering the pool area, guests must declare that they are aware of this regulation.